5 TIPS to choose your Stand Up Paddle (SUP)


SUPs are seen all the time, everywhere, of all colors, but then how to properly choose your Stand Up Paddle?
We will tell you everything so that you can choose the SUP that best suits you. Level of proficiency, type of use, board size, different technologies and accessories: nothing will have any secret for you anymore!

Somewhat beginner, intermediate or advanced?

First, you’ve got it right, it’s important to identify your level of proficiency. Once on the water, you will want to enjoy it but also progress. So you need to choose a board that will allow you to do that! Generally speaking, a beginner will favor the Allround range for its great versatility. On the contrary, a rider of intermediate to advanced level will go for the touring or race range much more adapted to long distances and speed. Try not to over/underestimate yourself so you don’t end up frustrated by a bad choice.

There is a type of SUP for each discipline!

Chaque discipline correspond à une famille de board différente.
Pas de panique, elles sont reconnaissables à leurs formes et à leurs tailles. De plus une grande partie de nos planches sont très polyvalentes.

En parlant de polyvalence, notre gamme Allround est conçue pour l’être au maximum. Ces SUP ont été imaginés dans un seul but, vous accompagner dans toutes vos aventures. On y retrouve néanmoins des planches prédisposées à des domaines plus spécifiques. 

La gamme Touring regroupe des modèles qui ont pour vocation d’être des planches plus sportives et particulièrement adaptées aux longues distances. Ces SUP n’en sont pas moins maniables et stables, la Arko offre notamment une forte polyvalence qui est profitable à toute la famille grâce à son volume important.

Le famille Race répond à certaines obligation imposées par les organisateurs de courses. Aujourd’hui les formats les plus fréquents sont sur du 12’6 et 14′. Pas besoin pour autant de faire de la compétition pour s’offrir une board Race. Nos modèles Air Swift et Trekker sont très appréciés pour leur qualité de navigation et leur performance sur les longues distances.

Enfin, si l’envie vous prend de faire du paddle en équipe, en famille ou entre amis, nous vous conseillons la gamme Giant . Ces SUP peuvent accueillir jusqu’à 10 personnes !

Bien que nous soyons spécialistes du gonflable depuis 1988, nous proposons également une gamme SUP Rigides basée sur des technologies totalement différentes. La JIB et le FOAM sont deux modèles Allround qui se comportent à merveille dans les vagues ou pour un usage en école de SUP / Surf.

Choose the right DIMENSIONS! 

The length of a board affects its ability to gain speed but will also impact the board’s handling. So each discipline requires a different length. The longer a board is, the more sporty it is (hiking, running), on the other hand the shorter the board the more maneuverable it is (surfing, small bodies of water). Your size is also important: If you are tall and strong, you should go for a long board. Its volume will indeed be more consequent and thus adapted to your size.

The width when it will have a real impact on the stability. If you are looking for a very stable board, you will have to select a width of 32” minimum. If you’re looking for performance above all else, you’ll want to go with narrow SUP boards. This choice is once again based on your level.


Finally, you can look at the thickness. This variant mainly affects the stiffness and volume of the Paddle. The thicker a board is, the stiffer it naturally becomes. The goal is to find the right balance between flexibility and rigidity. A board that is too stiff will have less bounce and therefore less power. Depending on your size, you will have the choice between 4″, 5″ and 6″ thickness.     

Technology: LIGHT DROPSTITCH, Fusion, Double layer ?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no wrong technology! It all depends on the size of the user and the type of practice. All of our boards are designed using the advantages of each technology to offer the best answer to your needs. 

Light Dropstitch technology allows for the manufacture of ultra-light and responsive boards. SUPs developed with this innovative Dropstitch are on the other hand less stiff, so we use this technology on the most compact boards (because they are naturally stiffer) and dedicated to rather light weight sizes. It’s also a good answer to casual riders who don’t want to invest too much money in their paddle board.

Fusion dual layer technology is the best technology you can find. Combined with our manufacturing technique, this technology ranks our Fusion boards as some of the best performing and most durable on the market. An enthusiast or professional will turn to this type of board to improve not only the performance but also the abrasion resistance of their board.

Dual Layer technology is trending away in favor of Fusion technology. It offers overall the same benefits as Fusion technology except for the weight. A Double Layer board can weigh up to 30% more than a Fusion board. 

Once again, remember to choose your board based on your body size.
A person who is tall and strong will need to go with a Fusion double layer, while a smaller person benefiting from a more athletic body may be content and even prefer a single layer, or prefer the Fusion double layer technology.


inflatable. And it’s very quick to see why: An inflatable SUP fits in the trunk of a car and even the back of a motorcycle. That’s the real advantage of inflatable Stand Ups! If it only takes a few minutes to inflate and even less to deflate and store in your bag.

Historically the big doubt was in performance. Manufacturing techniques have evolved so quickly that inflatable boards now perform almost as well as rigid boards.

Other than fitting in your trunk, you can even put it on your feet. And so you can get the most out of your SUP all our carry bags are actually backpacks!

In conclusion, to choose your board properly, you will need to know your level and the use you want to make of your future board. Whether it is for the length of your SUP or for its technology, your size is an important element to take into account.




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