Discover the new version of the K Pump, a revolutionary pump designed for a multitude of nautical applications. With its robust, efficient design, it offers an unrivalled inflation experience. It comes complete with a carrying case, nozzle kit and maintenance kit.

The benefits?

  • Monobloc headIncreases resistance and eliminates sealing and micro-leakage problems.
  • Redoubtable efficiency: Whether you’re pressurising a raft or inflating a single or two-seater boat, the K Pump delivers exceptional performance.
  • Compact and lightweight design: Its syringe shape and practical size (56 cm long x 7.6 cm diameter, weight 0.9 kg) make it easy to inflate in any position, saving you a considerable amount of time.

All this makes the K Pump an unbeatable choice for all your inflation needs. A must-see!

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Weight 1,5 kg