The socks FUN PRO 30 brand ATAN are ideal for water sports enthusiasts (canoe kayak, SUP, surfing ….).

The benefits of FUN PRO 30?

  • High and thin latex soles (100% natural)
  • Very hot because the titanium glue forms a metallic film that reflects heat
  • Neoprene 3 mm glued and sewn that offers maximum comfort.


Additional information

Weight 0,21 kg
Dimensions 28 × 4 × 17 cm





3.0 mm mineral-based Neoprene, Plush Titanium lining, 100% Natural Latex outsole, Herringbone cleats


T1 (38/39), T2 (40/41), T3 (42/43), T4 (44/45), T5 (46/47)


he ATAN FUN PRO 30 socks/shoes are a high-quality, handmade diving boot for full-foot fins, manufactured in France since 1983. These socks/shoes are made of 3mm thick neoprene, glued and sewn, with a "PLUSH TITANIUM" interior for maximum thermal insulation.

The high and thin sole is made of 100% natural latex and is equipped with chevron-shaped studs for optimal grip on wet surfaces. These socks/shoes are extremely comfortable and warm, thanks to the titanium glue that forms a metallic film that reflects heat.

Their fantastic flexibility gives an incredible and irresistible barefoot sensation. ATAN's natural latex socks/shoes are incredibly durable due to their 700% elongation capacity, which allows them to better resist cuts and perforations than other rubbers.

ATAN offers a wide range of sizes to achieve its goal of 100% customer satisfaction. The smallest models start at size 30, while the largest can fit feet up to size 51.

To maintain and keep your socks/shoes for a long time, it is important to rinse them with fresh water and let them dry without turning them inside out. A simple trick is to hang them on a hanger by putting them on it (as shown in the photo above). Finally, it is recommended to apply some talc to the latex and store them in a cool, dark place, avoiding any contact with hydrocarbons that could damage them.

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