Equipment Maintenance


Welcome to our page dedicated to the Maintenance of nautical equipment. Whether you are a fan of inflatable kayak canoeing, fond of sea outings, or a professional in the nautical field, discover our expert advice for keeping your equipment in perfect condition. From meticulous maintenance of your neoprene suit to the preventive maintenance of your life jackets, our complete guide offers you all the keys to extend the lifespan of your most precious assets. Explore our specialized sections for advice tailored to each product category and ensure the performance and safety of your nautical equipment.

Inflatable kayak

Discover how to protect your inflatable kayak from UV rays, prevent punctures, and clean it after each use to ensure its longevity and performance on the water.


Follow our advice for the optimal inflation of your paddleboard, its cleaning and storage, in order to preserve its shape and functionality for each adventure.

Raft boat

Protect your raft boat from damage and premature wear by following our recommendations on cleaning, secure storage, and repairing small tears.

Other Products

For all your nautical equipment, contact us to get personalized maintenance advice, ensuring performance and durability, no matter your activity on the water.

Neoprene Clothing

Learn to clean, properly dry your neoprene suit, and to store without damaging the material to maintain the elasticity and comfort of your equipment.

Life jacket

Maintain the buoyancy and condition of your life jacket with our cleaning tips, drying, and regular checking of straps and fastenings.


Ensure the maintenance, safety, and comfort of your nautical helmet with our advice on internal and external cleaning, and regular checks of the shell’s integrity.

Kayak Windbreaker

Keep your windbreaker in perfect condition with our recommendations for washing, water-repellent treatment, and proper storage, essential for facing the elements.