The Nubb technical sock is part of the Aquadesign Titanium® thermal range, which radiates heat when it comes into contact with your skin. Thanks to this technology, and despite its ultra-thin 1.5mm thickness, the Nubb sock provides real thermal insulation and keeps your feet warm in the coldest waters. It’s a flexible neoprene sock sewn in flatlock with 4 panels for maximum comfort. It can be easily adapted for use in canyoning boots, kayak boots, SUP boots or sailing boots. The calf-length sock is particularly popular with anglers and long-distance sailors.



Additional information

Weight 0,135 kg
Dimensions 31 × 3 × 27 cm

NE 4633


Titanium® technology
Thanks to its thermal coating, no heat is lost.


High sock


Ideal to wear under a pair of boots or slippers.


XXS (33/34), XS (35/36), S (37/38), M (39/40), L (41/42), XL (43/44), XXL (45/46), XXXL (47/48)


0,135 KG


Titanium® Neoprene 1.5mm
Flatlock seams



Discover the Aquadesign NUBB technical sock, a real feat of warmth and comfort in the world of aquatic thermal protection. The NUBB sock is part of the Aquadesign Titanium® thermal range, designed to bring instant warmth and exceptional comfort to your aquatic adventures.

At the heart of the sock is revolutionary Titanium® technology, a thermal coating that leaves no room for heat loss. Despite being just 1.5mm thick, the Nub sock manages to keep your feet warm, even in the coldest waters. Imagine exceptional thermal insulation in such a thin sock.

Designed to fit your feet perfectly, the Nubb sock is made from flexible neoprene and features high-quality flatlock seams. It has 4 panels for optimum comfort, allowing you to move freely and fluidly whether you're canyoning, kayaking, SUP, sailing or doing any other water activity.

The Nubb sock is also popular with anglers and coastal lunging enthusiasts thanks to its high waist, which comfortably covers the calves for complete thermal protection. It's designed to be worn under a pair of boots or slippers, offering a versatile solution for keeping your feet warm in all conditions.

Available in a wide range of sizes, from XXS to XXXL, the Nubb sock ensures a perfect fit for every aquatic adventurer. Made from 1.5mm thick Titanium® Neoprene, this sock is ready to take on any challenge and keep you comfortably warm during your most daring aquatic excursions. Discover the unrivalled comfort, warmth and versatility of the Nubb sock - your essential ally in the coldest waters.

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